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Respiratory Emergencies $20.00

Respiratory Emergencies
Respiratory Emergencies

Complete this course to earn 1 CPD hour

Discusses physiological changes that occur in respiratory failure, presenting assessment approaches and respiratory support strategies.

Respiratory complaints account for a significant proportion of emergency presentations, but what signs should nurses look out for in a respiratory emergency? How should you conduct a patient assessment in such cases? And what are your options in terms of ventilation?

In this module, you will discuss the physiological changes that occur in patients with respiratory failure, both acute and chronic. You will be shown a methodical approach for assessing respiratory function, and explore the range of respiratory support strategies.

You will look at such matters as the mechanisms of gas exchange, interpreting chest X-rays, phases of the respiratory cycle and common oxygen therapy devices. Finally, you will discuss common adult respiratory emergencies.

After studying this module, you will be better able to identify early signs of respiratory compromise and implement appropriate interventions to maintain patient safety, provide adequate respiratory support and prevent further deterioration.

Completing this online module accumulates one hour of CPD for nurses.

Acknowledgements - Content derived from ‘Respiratory emergencies’ by Andrea Marshall and Al Hodge in Emergency and Trauma Care, 1st edition, by Curtis and Ramsden.