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Becoming Part of a Team $20.00

Becoming Part of a Team
Becoming Part of a Team

Complete this course to earn 1 CPD hour

Outlines the positives and particulars of workplace socialisation – essential for new nurses

This module is written for both the Graduate Nurse Transition Programs (GNTPs) and the first-year post-GNTP nurse. Transitioning from nursing student to registered nurse is a process of socialisation, and learning your new team’s skills and behaviours is integral to becoming a part of it.

While theories on teamwork abound, the reality for new graduates is not clear-cut. With experience and confidence, however, and by following the program set out in this module, you will be in a good position to find a team to suit your career aspirations and nurse successfully.

The module involves: considering the make-up of any team, beginning with overt and covert values held by the team; defining the new role, responsibilities and accountability mechanisms; learning to assess as accurately as possible one’s contribution to the team; and planning and organising in order to maximise chances of success in the new team.

Completing this online module accumulates one hour of CPD for nurses.

Acknowledgements - Content derived from Becoming part of a team by Mary FitzGerald, Annette Moore and Alison Natera in Transitions in Nursing 3e by Chang and Daly