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Bladder catheterisation - female
Bladder catheterisation - female

Complete this course to earn 2 CPD hour

The ability to insert a urinary catheter is an essential skill in nursing. It is performed for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, e.g. to relieve acute or chronic urinary retention, instil medication or provide irrigation. This interactive module, enhanced with video and simulations, teaches you how to safely prepare for and perform female urinary bladder catheterisation.  Offering both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator enables you to practise and test your ability to insert a catheter, with cross-sectional graphics and animations to enable understanding. You may practise the steps of the procedure online as often as you like, until you feel confident.

You’ll learn:

  • indications, contraindications and complications related to this procedure
  • what equipment to use and correct tray set-up
  • preparation of the patient and yourself as the operator
  • choosing the correct type and size of catheter
  • inserting the catheter to the correct depth, while maintaining an aseptic technique
  • correct catheter connection and anchoring
  • correct postprocedure considerations and documentation.

Note: As the interactive elements of this module are Flash-based, this module should be completed on a Mac or PC as it may not suitable for all mobile or tablet devices.

Completing this online module accumulates 2 hours of CPD for nurses.