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Administer nebuliser treatment and assess peak flow
Administer nebuliser treatment and assess peak flow

Complete this course to earn 2 CPD hour

As a nurse, you may be asked to assist with patients who have lung disease or abnormalities. This module teaches you how to prepare for and administer nebuliser treatment, assess peak flow and perform a spirometric test. Offering both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator within this module includes two scenarios that test your ability to assess peak flow and perform nebuliser treatment, or to perform spirometry.

In this interactive simulation, you’ll learn:

  • relevant medical terminology
  • to visualise the anatomy of the upper and lower respiratory systems, specifically the key structures of the nasal cavity, oropharynx, laryngopharynx and the lungs and bronchioles
  • how to prepare for administering nebuliser treatment and assessing peak flow
  • to practise and perfect your skills in administering nebuliser treatment, assessing peak flow and performing a spirometric test
  • correct post-procedure, recording and reporting procedures.

Note: As the interactive elements of this module are Flash-based, this module should be completed on a Mac or PC as it may not suitable for all mobile or tablet devices.

Completing this online module accumulates 2 hours of CPD for nurses.