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Advanced Dementia $20.00

Advanced Dementia
Advanced Dementia

Helps nurses diagnose and manage pain in people with advanced dementia, as well as better communicate with and assist family carers.

Dementia is becoming an increasingly burdensome health issue in both Australia and New Zealand, associated with a number of diseases characterised by impairment of brain function inclusive of memory, understanding and reasoning.

Nurses play an essential part in the lives of people affected by dementia, as well as in those of their families. An holistic nursing approach, delivering nursing care that addresses the person's physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions, is an important part of managing their symptoms and behaviours.

In this module you will look at the pathophysiology of a person who has dementia, before addressing the experience and assessment of pain in people with advanced dementia.  

Acknowledging family carers as an integral feature in planning care for the person with advanced dementia, you will explore principles of communication to assist family carers, and identify professional development and training interventions.

Completing this online module accumulates one hour of CPD for nurses.

Acknowledgements Content derived from ‘Advanced dementia’ by Esther Chang, Amanda Johnson and Karen Hancock in Chronic Illness and Disability, 2nd edition, by Chang and Johnson.